This Seasons Armani Jean Collection

Armani jeans are produced by a designer fashion company that was created in 1981 by Giorgio Armani and the designer clothing is sold and worn worldwide. Other than jeans the fashion house produces many other items including knitwear, suits, shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories. When wearing Armani you will certainly feel elite and the brand is well known and respected throughout the world. Giorgio Armani is a leading light in the fashion industry and he is regarded as one of the worlds best clothing designers. The Armani jeans Tessuti range has been created for men and women and the denim wear affords the ultimate comfort and fit.

The Armani jeans collection comes in many different styles, sizes and colours and the stylish collection is for men and women. The men's jean collection is mainly created from blue denim but they do have certain styles in grey and black. Armani jeans worn with a simple Armani long sleeved polo top provides a perfect and classic look for men. The women's collection is a little more elaborate, the collection includes blue, black and grey denim and some denims are pastel pink and beige. Rihanna was recently spotted wearing an extremely stylish denim Armani jumpsuit which looked current, edgy and overall fit for a star.

Armani jeans for men range from a 27 inch waist to a 42 inch waist, whereas the women's jean sizes range from a 26 inch waist to a 31 inch waist. What is so noticeable about the Armani jeans collection is that the styles are so refreshingly different; you are almost spoil for choice. You can wear tight fitting or loose fitting jeans or choose between flared or tapered legs. The jeans can be dressed up or down and can be worn smart or casual. Wear the denims with long sleeved polos by Armani jeans if you want to look great.

What is so noticeable about the latest Armani jeans collection is the attention to detail, the belt loops, studs, buttons and pockets are all tailored to perfection and add to the quality and style of this designer clothing. Of course we must not forget to mention the Armani jeans collection logo which features on all of their jeans. When you have the Armani logo on show you and other fashion conscious people are aware that you are wearing the best that money can buy. The latest Armani jean collection is surely set to sell like hot cakes, the collection is the cream of designer clothing.