3 Gift Ideas for the Adventure Lover on Your List

For those who love extreme sports and enjoy getting their adrenaline flowing, traditional gifts just don't carry the same weight as they do for other people. If you've got an adventure lover or adrenaline junkie on your shopping list this holiday season, give him or her the gift of an adventure experience like no other. Your gift will surely top your loved one's list of favorites and be an experience to remember for a lifetime.

Rafting or Kayak Adventure

On a rafting or kayaking adventure, the recipient of your gift (and you, should your loved one decide to bring you as a guest) will start the day off with some brief instruction on safety. After going over the necessary safety information, adventurers receive and learn how to properly wear rafting or kayaking gear like helmets and life preservers. Once everyone's gotten all the necessary gear, the trip begins. Different experiences offer varying levels of thrills. Some experiences run on the mild side, with participants paddling through calm waters and viewing the sights in a famous or historic area. Other experiences run on the wild side, with adventurers navigating rushing untamed waters like whitewater rapids.

Air Combat Adventure

These kinds of adventure gifts are perfect for those who love the skies and have always dreamed of flight. During an air combat adventure, your loved one will have the opportunity to fly like a fighter pilot. Air combat experiences let participants fly a fighter jet plane just like the ones used in real air combat. An air combat experience day will begin with a lesson in how to maneuver the plane, and many experiences also begin the day with safety and parachuting info as well. While adventurers do get to have the experience of flying, fighting and maneuvering, they also fly with a qualified instructor who will fly the plane during take-off and landing. While in the air, your loved one will be able to perform tactical maneuvers like loops and spirals and will also learn close formation flying. At the end of the day, most air combat adventures give participants a flight certificate or a video of their experience so they'll have a permanent record of their day that they'll be able to keep forever.

Off-Roading Adventure

During an off-roading adventure, participants have the opportunity to drive 4 x 4 off-road vehicles like an ATV, Jeep or Dune Buggy on an exciting off-road course. Like the other adventure days mentioned, this one also starts off with a safety lesson and special instruction in how to maneuver the vehicle. Most off-roading adventures allow drivers to navigate the terrain on their own although they do pair each driver with an individual instructor to help them.


Give an adventure day gift to loved ones who crave the thrill of a high-energy experience, and it will make their holiday special and exciting. Not only will the recipients of your gifts have an exciting adventure to look forward to, but they will love knowing that you picked out a special gift specifically to suit their adventurous personality.

Written by Erica Alman, a self confessed online shopaholic. She loves hunting down bargains online and enjoys sharing her experiences on shopping blogs.