Not Your Mother’s Maternity Clothes: Fashions for Modern Moms to Be

Pregnancy is probably the best period of a woman's life. Apart from the morning sickness and mild discomfort, it is a beautiful time in every new mom-to-be's life. She harbors a child in her womb and her growing belly is a beautiful sight to behold. In the good old days fashion hardly played a part in a pregnant woman's daily life. She resigned her fate to wearing large, loose clothing, with massive bows on large sized blouses and sack-like ankle-length skirts that did nothing for her appearance, counting the days to delivering her baby, when she could once again say hello to her regular wardrobe and form-fitting clothes.

The Entry of Trendy Maternity Fashion in the Global Market:

Fashion has undergone a radical change in the recent past and today maternity fashion is a major business division of the big fashion houses. Maternity clothing has come a long way and has become stylish and trendy yet comfortable enough for a mother with an ever-expanding belly. A mother-to-be goes through so many changes during her pregnancy, with her hormones working faster than ever. She has to deal with her fast-changing body frame and all the emotional and mental changes that come along with the physical changes. She is bound to feel unattractive and it is up to her loved ones, especially her partner, to make her feel special and beautiful. And what better way to make her feel pretty than buying her gorgeous clothing.

Following Celebrity Styles and Imitating Celebrity Trends:

In today's fast-moving world where celebrity trends are all the rage, much inspiration can be drawn from the wardrobe staples of pregnant celebrities. After all, they are the ones with privileged access to the best stylists in town. Maternity is all about comfort, and hence a pregnant woman should wear trendy yet comfortable clothing on a daily basis and reserve the occasional special dress (made to suit a mom-to-be's physical structure) for an evening out.

Various Maternity Fashion Choices Available to the Pregnant Mother-To-Be:

The latest maternity related fashion trends as seen on runways in major fashion capitals around the world include tunics. They are noted to be hip and trendy this year and flatter the pregnant form very well as they are loose and comfortable around the tummy area. They are available in multiple hues and the pregnant woman will not be lost for choice. Maxi dresses, in its various styles, like bohemian, etc., are all the rage for the sweltering summer months. The color choices are endless, from self colored to printed to tie-dyed work, all look stunning on the pregnant form.

For regular wear, comfortable maternity pants are the best option. Besides the simpler versions in cotton, today's market advertises for other trendier options like denim. The simplicity of the pants could be offset with various accessories like a statement neck-piece, a statement ring, a tank-top or a designer handbag and over-sized glares. Long sleeve blouses are the perfect choice during the cold winters. These, too, come in different styles to suit every woman's unique needs and desires. Finally, maternity skirts are also very popular in today's market. The best styles that flatter the pregnant form are knee-length and skirts that end somewhere between the knee and ankle.


Pregnancy is a time when a woman should be pampered and should feel super special about herself and her unborn baby. She should feel eager to welcome her little one into the world and should enjoy the 9 months of having her baby within her body. One of the best ways this can be done is by enhancing her wardrobe with comfortable yet trendy clothing that lift her spirits and helps maintain her poise, gait and confidence, despite her expanding waistline. A mother-to-be should not feel restrained with her fashion choices and should play around with colors, accessories and various fashion styles. She should feel proud of her figure and show it off with a chic wardrobe. With such a variety of options available in the maternity fashion market today, it is little wonder that the pregnant woman is considered a beauty to behold.

Stephanie Hix is a mom of 3 who is expecting her fourth child. She loves to write about fashion, especially for expecting moms. To see some exciting maternity clothes, visit the link.