Tips on How to Organize Kids Party Food

A kid’s birthday or play date means ensuring that you have the right kids’ food on the table for the kids to enjoy and relish. One of the excitements of these gatherings is food and it is imperative that you have items that kids love and enjoy.

Here are some tips on how to organize kids’ party food:

Menu Selection: The food that you intend to serve will primarily depend on the time when the party is being held. For instance, if the party is being held early afternoon, having snacks is okay. However, if the party is being held late afternoon or early evening, have something more filling, such as pizza. In case of a slumber party, you should be prepared offer dinner, snacks and breakfast.

Prepare in Advance: It is advisable to prepare the food in advance instead of on the day of the party. There are many kinds of kids’ party food that you can prepare a couple of days in advance and store them without worrying about spoilage. Cookies, rice crispy treats and snack mix are some of the foods that you can prepare a day or two in advance.

Check with Your Kid: It is best to involve your kid in the food selection process. This will make your kid happy and you will not have to hear groans when the items are laid out on the table. While it may not be possible to include all the items that your kid wants, try to have a few of his favorite treats.
What to Serve: Finger foods are convenient for such parties, as kids can manage them easily and they are easy to lay out. In addition, you also think about foods that kids love, such as chicken nuggets, nachos, sandwiches, pizza and hotdogs.

Buy or Make: This can be a quandary for many parents. It all depends on the time you have on hand, your ability to cook and the money you have set aside for your kid’s party. If you want to ease your workload, store-bought food is the way to go and kids usually love such foods. Alternatively, you can have a few homemade treats and a bit of store-bought stuff. If you are buying food for your kid’s party, just ensure that you buy stuff that can be frozen or has a long shelf life, as you will be buying them a couple of days before the party. 

Food Ideas: Kids love to eat food that looks different from the regular stuff they get. So think about making hotdog worms by cutting the hotdogs into strips and boiling them. These strips will curl up and look like worms. Get creative with your pizza toppings and to make them more appetizing, use toppings to create funny faces, animals and monsters. You can incorporate some healthy dishes, such as celery. To ensure that kids consume it, serve celery sticks with some cream cheese and sprinkle a few raisins on the cream cheese. Inform the kids that you have sprinkled ants and just watch them gobble it all up!

It can be exhausting to host a kid’s party and it can be equally exhausting to come up with a menu to make the kids happy. If you are not up to it, you can also think about professional kids party catering. There are several caterers that concentrate solely on catering for kids’ parties and have a wide range of menus to satisfy even the fussiest kid in town.

Kids party catering does not have to be expensive. There are many caterers, who have a wide range of menus to suit all budgets.

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Darren is a professional kid's party organizer and helps parents organize fun and creative parties for kids at an affordable price. He also facilitates kids party catering to take the load off the parents, so that they can concentrate on ensuring that the party is perfect and a memorable one.