Integrated dishwashers - a landmark in minimalistic kitchen design?

Not too long ago, having even the most basic kind of dishwasher in your kitchen was something of a luxury, with the majority of people finding even the cheapest ones available to be out of their price range. Now, though, a kitchen sans dishwasher is practically unheard of, with the amount of people doing their washing by hand decreasing by the day. It is more economical, both in terms of time and money, to get all the washing up done in one go via the dishwasher than spend hours a week with the hot water running. 

Despite being highly practical and one of the most popular kitchen gadgets, dishwashers are typically big and bulky and can really get in the way of a kitchen's design or décor, as well as, well, get in the way full stop. That's where integrated dishwashers come in. Built in to an existing unit, many see these as the perfect solution and a landmark in minimalistic kitchen design. Others, however, may not be so keen. Here, we will sum up the pros and cons of integrated dishwashers, looking at both their advantages and, of course, disadvantages.

The Pros

1. You can't see that it's there
Having all your appliances on show can be messy and ruin the entire look of your kitchen. Minimalism is in, and many people now opt for the cleanest design they can when it comes to their kitchens. Appliances that are built in to the design, then, are ideal. 

2. It's out the way
Space is a big issue, especially for those living in small flats or studios. You want to be able to have plenty of space to move in your kitchen, and a freestanding dishwasher can really get in the way of that and take up far more than you would like. Having an integrated dishwasher utilises the space you do have, allows you more room to move and also gives you more lenience with what you can do with the rest of the kitchen.

3. It's easier to maintain 
It is much easier to keep an integrated dishwasher nice and clean, as you ultimately only have to clean the inside of it. Moreover, they are usually shorter than other kinds of dishwashers but without necessary compromising on capacity.

The Cons

1. They are pricey
Integrated dishwashers are typically much pricier than freestanding ones, simply because they are more modern and because there are just less of them, meaning the pricing doesn't have to be as competitive.

2. They may require extra work on your kitchen
Depending on your kitchen's present state and what kind of cabinets you have, you may have to have work done in order to fit the integrated dishwasher, which could be expensive and time consuming. 

3. Once it's built in, you're stuck with it
Unlike freestanding dishwashers, integrated ones are not portable and if something goes wrong with it, it can be a nightmare to take it out or get it changed. This could also be an issue if you move home often or aren't planning on staying in that property for more than a few years.

Whether or not they are right for you and your needs, it's difficult to deny that integrated dishwashers are a great invention and make a slick addition to any kitchen. For those who are transient or on a budget, though, they certainly aren't ideal, but for anyone who is settling down and has design and space in mind, they are perfect.